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Glacier Ice Company has a variety of products depending on your ice needs.

Whether you are a retailer, restaurant, party planer or event organizer we have what you need. If you find yourself in a pinch and need an emergency delivery we are here for you.


Party ice

Arctic Glacier Party Ice is offered in a variety of packaging sizes to meet the needs of any occasion. From the smallest easy to carry 7 lb. bag, to the mid-sized, very popular 20 lb. bag., and our largest at 40lb. Also available is the “premium” 9lb Sparkletts ice bag with 3 individually wrapped 3lb bags.”

Block ice

Made with the same quality and standards of Arctic Glacier Party Ice. Used for bulk cooling needs, the long-lasting 10lb block always has good use for camping or ice chests.

300lb. Block ice

Also made with the same quality and standards of Arctic Glacier Party Ice. Used for sculpting ice art and centerpieces for events or creating drink luges for parties that want something memorable.

Dry Ice

Dry ice is Carbon Dioxide, in a frozen solid state. It is used for keeping perishable goods frozen for longer periods of time than traditional ice. Dry Ice is primarily used for camping, shipping perishables, and in special packing situations. Unlike traditional ice that melts into water, dry ice turns into a gas appearing like fog or steam. As a result, dry ice is used for special effects in movies, television, concerts and other special events. Call for location availability.

Premium Ice

Sparkletts Premium Ice is an innovative premium ice product that offers the pure, great taste and high quality of Sparkletts Premium bottled water. Sparkletts Premium Ice is manufactured with Crystal Fresh Sparkletts Drinking Water using a multi-step purification process to ensure the highest quality ice product available anywhere.

Sparkletts Premium Ice is uniquely packaged in a convenient 9 lb. bag containing 3 individually sealed 3 lb. bags. This uniquely designed packaging offers consumers an easy way to store Alhambra Premium ice in home freezers and holds its purity and freshness by only using one bag at a time.

When you truly want the very best… Sparkletts Premium Ice.

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